Counselors' Corner

Mrs. Cullen has been a nationally certified counselor for 16 years. She has worked in the community setting, at the middle school level and, finally, as an elementary counselor at Mary Lee Clark for the last thirteen years.  In addition to guidance and counseling, she is the Response to Intervention Committee Chairperson, 504 Chairperson, and attendance interventionist for Mary Lee Clark Elementary. She can be reached by phone or email. Appointments are available as needed.

Her motto is “If schools provide safety, love and education (in that order), everything else will fall into place.”
Dr. Cullen

Classroom guidance

is provided to all classes on a rotation basis. College and Career Readiness lessons are delivered in grades 1-5. In addition to these lessons, Good Touch, Bad Touch lessons are presented to kindergarten and fifth grade. Topics covered vary depending on grade level but include bullying prevention, self awareness, empathy development and impulse control. All students will participate in five or more lessons throughout the year.

Crisis Intervention and Individual Counseling

are available to all students on a short-term basis. A referral to see a counselor may be requested by a student, parent, teacher or administrator.

Group counseling

is available for students with specific needs. Some of these include: Test Taking Skills, Anger Management and Social Skills groups. Parental permission is requested for group counseling.


with all teachers and parents is available as needed. Appointments can be scheduled via e-mail or phone call.